D2C Digest #55 | Coupon leakages, Google's new ecom insights, consumers want local products

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How much are coupon leakages costing your business?

For DTC brands, leaked coupons = significant profit losses.

KeepCart blocks leaks to sites like Honey, CapitalOne, and RetailMeNot, protecting your checkout and boosting your margins.

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🧑‍💻 Google gives ecommerce merchants more product listing insights

Good news for Analytics geeks! 🤓

Google is updating its Search Console to give ecommerce owners more insights into their product listings on Google Shopping.

What's New?

Merchants can now track their product listings' performance via the Google Search Image tab, including metrics like impressions and clicks.

How to Access:

1. Go to the Shopping tab in the navigation bar.

2. Select the Google Search Image Tab.

3. Click Performance to view the report.

Key Takeaway:

This update helps ecommerce owners understand their product listings' visibility and identify which images attract the most clicks.

🍏 Consumers want local products, research shows

In today's world, you can buy anything from anywhere.

However, research by PYMNTS Intelligence reveals that buying local goods is still a top priority for many consumers.

Key Findings:

In the "Generation Zillennial Report," over 3,000 U.S. consumers were surveyed in April. One in three shoppers considers locally made or sourced products very important, ranking this higher than environmental sustainability or social values alignment.


  • 72% of consumers planned to shop at small businesses during the holidays, up from 65% in 2022.
  • 61% intended to shop on Small Business Saturday.
  • Main Street SMBs saw a 6% revenue increase over the past year, outpacing the 5.7% GDP growth.

👮‍♀️ Amazon fined over 5.9M for Labor Law violations

California’s labor regulator fined Amazon nearly $6 million for violating state law on warehouse productivity quotas. Investigations at two Amazon facilities found 59,017 violations of the Warehouse Quotas law, which requires employers to disclose quotas and prohibits unsafe practices preventing breaks.

Amazon failed to provide written notice of quotas, arguing it uses a “peer-to-peer evaluation system,” which the law aims to prevent. This scrutiny highlights concerns over the pace of work and worker safety.

Amazon disputes using fixed quotas, stating it evaluates performance based on team metrics and provides ample breaks. Amazon plans to appeal the fine, asserting improvements in injury rates and significant investments in safety initiatives.

I think Amazon's issue with regulators highlights worker welfare problems in e-commerce. Everyone should know that productivity shouldn't harm employee health and safety. And as consumers, we should know how products are made and support fair treatment of workers.

What do you think?

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